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Given our extensive knowledge of upmarket adventure hospitality products and the African safari market, Luxury Frontiers is able to provide valuable guidance to clients looking to enter or navigate the complex experiential space.

Our concepts and value-added services not only allow clients to capitalize on the growing—and highly profitable—experiential travel sector, but also achieve higher margins, lower costs, lighter environmental impacts, and quicker development times than traditional approaches to resort development.

Luxury Frontiers is able to provide turnkey solutions by providing a lead consultancy service, which in turn assembles the team of required specialist professionals sourced from both in-house resources and our network of contracted professionals. As lead consultant, we coordinate the entire design and implementation process.

Tailored to meet client needs, Luxury Frontiers’ comprehensive advisory services are offered via a turnkey solution or a menu á la carte.

Project Sourcing

With our local and global network of established relationships, we can advise and add value on site identification, site assessment, viability studies, project sourcing, and the permitting process.

Desktop Study / Project Definition

We engage with stakeholders and the development / management teams during the site discovery and workshop in order to produce a project brief and roadmap. We can also conduct market and competitor analyses for this hospitality niche.

Experiential Design

Aiming for high guest emotional impact and considering all elements of the destination, design begins by programming the entire guest experience—from arrival to departure. This outline drives the physical design and service concept to ensure delivery of the scripted experience.

Physical Design

Our services include architectural, interior, and infrastructure design. We masterplan the physical scheme, create a concept design, prepare full working drawings, and provide the principal agent service. Environmentally and socially responsible best practices are instilled throughout the design phases.

Project Management

We provide full project management services, conducting all project coordination, directing timeline and cost control functions, and managing the logistics and installation of our specialized builds.


With our global reach and local understanding of the supply chain, we manage and quality control the production and handling of tents / tree houses. We also manage the procurement and logistics of FF&E, OS&E, and all other specialist materials and equipment.

Operations Support & Asset Management

We can provide a tailored array of services to support remote resort operations, such as: proforma, staffing models, logistics processes, standard operating procedures, medical/safety protocols, guide training, route mapping, technical operations manuals, pre-opening, and ongoing asset management.

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