The Sky is the Limit

In addition to tented and treetop designs, we explore other alternative, eco-conscious builds for accommodations, gathering spaces, and other hospitality guest areas.

Graeme Labe, our Chief Design & Development Officer, has assembled a team of specialist designers who have innovated the design of experiential lodging concepts. Our passionate team works hand-in-hand with clients to develop elevated hospitality products, each rare in its own way.

Forging a new path in hospitality and sustainability, all of our experiential designs immerse discerning guests in their natural environments, engage them, and inspire them to embark on adventure.

Our imagination is limitless, and we have shared here only a few examples of the exciting concepts we can artfully create.

Floating Concepts

A step beyond over-water bungalows, our designs can incorporate floating structures to intimately connect guests to humanity’s life force—water.

Embedded Concepts

With green roofs, structures can be embedded into the land, minimizing their visual impact, embracing and maintaining the landscape of a site, and cleverly benefiting from the soil’s cooling effect.

Rammed Earth Concepts

A clean, contemporary application of ancient building methods using natural raw materials, rammed earth concepts make for green and chic designs.

Timber Concepts

A classic favorite of the experiential travel world, we can integrate modern amenities and a site’s natural surroundings to build cabins from the cozy to expansive.

Other Sustainable Concepts

In order to meet the demands of each particular site, we integrate other alternative building materials which are sustainable, such as locally-sourced traditionally fired clay bricks, sandbags, aluminum cans or glass bottles with mud, and eco-steel (a recycled galvanized steel useful for projects with intense engineering demands or concerns such as wind loads, termites, and natural thermal cooling).

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